Senecio - Jumping Dolphins

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Approx 20-25cm trail. In a 14cm pot

You are in for a treat if you want one of these! It is a rare variety of trailing succulent that looks like a pod of jumping dolphins. They make a perfect addition to shelves and are relatively easy to look after.

Light: Prefer bright indirect sunlight - they love a bit of sunlight but not too much.

Water: Great news! They are pretty robust and only need watering when they have completely dried out. So in the summer once every couple of weeks and in the winter once a month. They must have make sure when you have watered they are not sitting in the excess water! This will avoid root rot!

Toxicity: Not pet-friendly

Remember that all of our plants are unique, the plant you receive might not be identical to the one in the picture but we think you will love its individuality.