Ficus Lyrata without pot

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Approx 50cm tall.

Info: The Ficus Lyrata is a statement plant offering maximum impact with huge fiddle-shaped leaves. They look great in open living spaces.

Light: Prefers bright light room but out of the direct sunshine.

Water: They should be watered thoroughly and then let her dry out a little. Allow the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings. Water less in the winter. They must have make sure when you have watered they are not sitting in the excess water! This will avoid root rot! They will like a mist too cos they also soak up the moisture through their leaves. How cool is that.

Toxicity: Not pet-friendly!

Remember that all of our plants are unique, the plant you receive might not be identical to the one in the picture...we think you will love it’s individuality.
The 1st price is for the plant only. The 2nd price includes plant and the pot shown.