Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant) without pot

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The stunning Ficus Elastica also known as the ‘Rubber plant’. It’s glossy oval-shaped leaves make great air purifiers to rid out toxins making it a perfect plant for a home office environment.

Light: Prefer indirect bright sunlight...but can tolerate some shade.Keep the leaves clean of dust and mist every now and again..

Water: Water weekly.. I love it when I know where I am with watering.water weekly or when the top,soil is dry to touch. Overwater and the leaves will start to drop..They must have make sure when you have watered they are not sitting in the excess water! This will avoid root rot!

Toxicity: Not pet-friendly.

Height: 40-55cm

Remember that all of our plants are unique, the plant you receive might not be identical to the one in the picture but we think you will love its individuality.